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New EP featuring all new Tactical Module material


released July 31, 2013

Music and Lyrics by Michael Davis
Mastering by Sander Kapper @ Stahlback Production
Artwork by DJ/VJ Psyklon

Special thanks to:
Nick Quarm - Juggernaut Services
DJ/VJ Psyklon
Sander Kapper - Stahlback Productions
Dayve Yates - Cease2Xist
Jay Ruin - CeDigest,Ruinzer
Gary Walker and Anthony Matthews - Defeat
Gareth Stapleton,Steve Fearon,Michael Fearon and LewIs Collins - Ghost in the Static
Seamus Bradd - The .Invalid
Michael Evans - MIXE1
Paul Baumgartner - Garten Der Asche , FutureFrenetic
Michael Drayven - Tapewyrm
Steve and Deb Alton - System:FX
Gerry Hawkins - Cryogenic Echelon
Mum Dad , Michelle , Annie , Ben and Sophie
Paul Edwards
Sam and Holly Ferguson
Molly Winter
Callum Curtis
Esther Garret
Sharna Jarre
Stephanie Barlow

thank you all you guys for supporting and helping me with the hard times lately your support and advice has managed to keep me going and rising above the problems and things that have held me back during these tough times.



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Tactical Module Poole, UK

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Track Name: To the Skies of Oblivion
no contract, just deception
just lies , no direction
no belief, zero faith
no more words, only hate
took what was mine and also there's
no more reasons you didn't care

to the skies of oblivion
look through these eyes of obsidian
see these fires burn just like our hate
the clock strikes zero just like your faith

you steal and deceive
you fill others with false belief
i won't stand it anymore
exposed the truth we're at war
don't think you've got away
when the time comes you will pay
Track Name: Resurrection
I rose from the ashes
to tell the truth to the masses
you thought you could get away
it's game over you can't stay
sending message it's full of hate
you've lost and sealed your fate
you thought you could bury me
now i'm back and now i'm free

this is my resurrection
this is my insurrection
this is my final stand
this time i'm in command
now i'm fighting till the end
now i've got something i can defend

you think that this will die
i'll make it stand the test of time
i will erase the doubt
create something that will make them proud
i'll keep on being inspired
ignore you fucking liars
don't think that this is my end
don't ever try to pretend

through this fire we will rise
we won't waste time on lies
this will always last
rise above the horrors of past
Track Name: A Flicker of Hope
they say there's something someone for everyone
a time will come i will meet you one day
this time you'll stay
you'll make the pain go away
help me with my addictions
forgive my guilt and my convictions

i'll be searching just for you
i wanna see if this can come true
i wanna see a flicker of hope
have a sense that i'm not alone
i want to feel like i'm not the only one
i want to something to someone

they say that i will overcome this fear
realise what i need is right here
these always seem to take some time
somethings don't always go right
one this won't feel like a lie
one day i'm sure i will have my time

you'll find me i'll find you
we'll get by we'll get through
you'll find me i'll find you we'll make this vision all come true